18th Summer Budo Camp 

Venue: Základná škola M. R. Štefánika, SNP č. 3, Ivanka pri Dunaji 

Date: 2 – 3 July 2022 

Fee: 40 € 

Training: All trainings will be under the guidance of qualified instructors and masters of Martial Arts. Each of the participating instructors will offer open trainings for the participants of the Summer Budo Camp, where they will have the chance to try any Martial Art by his/her "own hands”.

Instructors, trainers and masters:
Sensei Raoul Vogel (A), 7. Dan IOGKF, Chief Instructor of IOGKF Austria
Sensei Igor Vakoš (SK), 5. Dan IOGKF, Chief Instructor of IOGKF Slovakia, 4. Dan WOF, CI of WOF Slovakia
Sensei Ilona Szöcs (A), 5. Dan IOGKF
Sensei Michal Macák (SK), 5. Dan IOGKF 


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